Sunday, December 3, 2006

January 1, 2007

My Dear Comrades & Uncles:

My Name is Wonda Jones I am the (daughter of late Safiya A. Bukhari). An my reason for address you all is on behave of Safiya Bukhari –Albert ”Nuh” Washington Foundation.
The Foundation’s mission is to nationally provide selected campaigns with funds, technical assistance and other resources that are needed to support the family, legal and health /medical needs of captured and exiled freedom fighters. I have included a copy of the Foundation’s brochure along with an introductory letter I have sent to all Panther Cubs nationwide, for their review.

We have recently begun a fundraising campaign which, up to this point, has been relatively successful. We are currently in the process of enlarging this campaign and are requesting the use of your likeness in drawing& name in this campaign all we need is your permission & photo in which will help enhance our overall outward appeal. We believe that if potential contributors are able to visualize the organizations and individuals that we are affiliated with and/or support, they may be more likely to support us. we will donated proceeds from this campaign to what every group you would like us to,or political prisoner that way everyone benefits from this project.

I am willing to visit if you would like in order to Show (wear)Shirt, to you exactly what the artist will be doing an he’s work.

All I need from you is written statement saying you agree with Fundraiser an you’re given the Safiya Bukhari- Albert ‘Nuh’ Washington Foundation permission to all the above

Until than Peace be Until You
All Power to the People

Wonda Y Jones Director

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